Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's all fun and games until....

someone loses an eye! Sick, well unfortunately this popular saying became all too true to our little puppy Snoopy yesterday. In the morning Jorge was giving both him and Nike their food when Snoopy decided to sneak a peak at Nike's breakfast, (not a good idea, may I add) and Nike reacted in a vicious way by lashing out and biting poor little Snoops. The whole experience was pretty traumatizing for Snoopy and for Jorge and I as we were right there when it happened, and to be honest, in the moment, we didn't think Snoopy had even survived Nike's attack.. Thankfully, he did survive it though but was bleeding in two places, his cheek and his eye *gags* so gross, I know. Anyways, Snoopy's whole face was swollen yesterday and it looked soo bad, made me want to cry all day long, poor little thing. But Jorge took Snoopy to the vet for the second time today and she said that there is a good chance that he may not lose his eye and could live a normal, happy, puppy life. haha. The good thing is that today Snoopy was back to his normal self, running and playing with Nike and Siah, so the vet says that is a really good sign, and the fact that he can open his eye a tiny bit is also promising. Anyways, here is a pic..poor little guy, we are hoping he will get better soon! nasty.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Feeling quite "shredded"

Yes yes, for those of you who know what I'm talking about, I am now starting to REALLY feel the pain of the 30 day shred DVD that I am doing to lose some weight and get back into shape(and I am ONLY on Day 2!!!)! I realized this morning that I haven't done actual muscle building exercises for.....well, let's just say a REALLY looong time, hahaha. Sad but true. Anyways, I am glad to be getting back into it and hope it will show some results over the next month or so.

Anyways I have to admit that I almost gave up on my blog...I have been frustrated with myself for not being able to keep it up, but I just find the days flying by soo fast lately. But then I think to myself, well, you have time to go on facebook, so how come you don't have time update your blog? Grrrr, I know, I know, it's true. I think writing on the blog just demands a lot more thought and quiet for me to do it well...unlike some people (hmm hmm, Jorge;) I cannot write or read if there is any type of distraction or noise in the room, being music, tv or anything of the like. So that limits my blog time by...A LOT, lol, but owell, I am going to keep trying, so we shall see how it goes.

This past month has been really busy for us, I'm not going to go into great detail because I feel like there is just too much stuff to write..that and Levi is taking a nap and I will most likely have to stop writing when he wakes up, (which could be any moment, knowing him). I think what was the hardest for us in this month was we received a team of missionaries in the church in the first two weeks of November. It was a good time having them here, but it just demanded our every moment as we had four girls staying in our house and Jorge had to be with the team everyday, taking them to schools for evangelism etc. But God used them in a great way here and we are seeing some fruit of there time here, some youth and kids that have started attending the church, and that is exciting for us.

Tonight I have the ladies group in the church and I am excited about that. We have been doing a Study over the past few weeks called "A Woman of influence", where we are studying and talking about the 31st Proverb where it talks about the virtuous wife. The study has gone pretty good, I am trying to do new things and change up the class quite a bit. We meet now in the back dining area and put the benches in a big circle, so as to feel closer and more relaxed, and that has made a big difference on the ladies attitudes towards the classes. We usually have between 12 to 16 ladies so that is really encouraging for me, that more ladies are coming to the class. I still get nervous when leading it but I find myself every week feeling more and more comfortable, so that's a good thing..I have really established friendship with these ladies now so I truly enjoy the time that we have together, singing and praying and learning together. Jorge went to Concepcion today but should be back within the next hour or so so he will watch Josiah for me during the class and I will just take Levi..and PRAY that he sleeps while I need to talk, LOL.

Our little boys are growing so big, *sniff*. I can't get over how quickly Baby Guy seems to be growing. He is such a sweetheart and we are getting to know his little personality more and more everyday. He is definitely an observer...he watches everything so carefully and you can tell that his mind is just reeling, trying to figure everything out. He will sit for minutes on end and watch his hands or his ankles move, and he just watches and says "oooohhhhhhh!" Like he is analyzing every movement and taking note of how it all works. My little Levi. He sits up on his own now and will be crawling very soon I think. Now if we sit him on the floor he will move all over the place just by scooting his little bum back and forth by trying to reach for things, so he is already getting the idea of moving around. I have him eating lot's of vegetables now and I must say I am quite proud of myself for taking the time to make his foods in variety, freeze them and always have them handy. I didn't do that very much with Josiah, I often gave him the canned stuff and a lot of fruits more than I am trying to do the complete opposite with Levi. I have been giving him all kinds of veggies, like squash, peas, green beans, carrots, avocado and today I gave him chard (I never knew what it was called in English but then finally found out today), which is called "acelga" and the people here eat it a lot! It is actually pretty yummy and I have learned to make it in different ways.

Josiah is also growing super fast and turning into such a little man. He has had his terrible temper tantrums quite frequently lately, but I will not write anymore about that so as to not focus on the negative...I prefer to talk about the adorable, sweetness of my son as I realize that he is growing so fast and I want to enjoy every moment I have with my little blessing, whether it be good or bad. He is starting to talk a lot more in sentences now and is picking up more Spanish words, which is exciting for Jorge's family (they keep stressing out over the fact that he is talking so much English, LOL). But he is growing fast and has also started branching out and trying new foods, which is very exciting for Jorge and I! Since the beginning of November Siah started eating beef and now chicken, so it does my mother heart good to see my little boy getting chubbier and growing healthy :)

Well look at that, a whole post and Levi didn't wake up, how good is that?? Well hopefully I will be able to continue updating as much as I can on here..I have a lot of things I would love to write, so I will try to get around to them over the next couple of days.

Bye for now :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Another quiet moment...

Yes, After another week of trying, lol, I finally seem to have a moment of peace and quiet to sit down and write a little. Jorge just left to go rabbit hunting and I have both the boys sleeping..for now. I don't know how long it will last, but we will find out pretty soon!

This week has been pretty eventful for me and I feel so exhausted right now, but I also feel oddly refreshed, spiritually. So where to start??

Yesterday there was a ladies convention in Concepcion for the ladies in our denomination, it was held in a school near my In-laws church, Santa Rosa. There were almost five hundred women there and I went with a group of 16 ladies from our church, and we had a great time. Originally there were about 20 of us that were going to go, but for one reason or another, there were some ladies that were not able to make it, so 16 of us went. We had to arrive in Santa Rosa by 10:30am and the event was going to go until we had rented a bus that had 17 seats and that would take us for the whole day, stay there and then drive us back. Well you can imagine our surprise when the bus driver calls us Thursday night to say he can no longer take us and hopes we can find something else...gggrrrrr. Seriously?? If there is one thing that drives me absolutely nuts here is that things like that just "happen" all the time, and as there was nothing in writing saying that he would drive us, he could just back out of it. But no big deal, we ended up going in just a regular bus, and then when we arrived at the bus station we had three cars waiting to take us to the church, sent by my Mother-in-law. Once we arrived there the ladies were all given pins with different room numbers on them and then they headed out to the assigned classrooms for the morning, where they would have times of worship and then teachings. The Pastor's wives were able to choose whatever classroom that they wanted to sit in on, so I chose to go to a class with Mariela....of course, I had Levi with me and he was not as willing to sit in a classroom full of ladies and listen to someone talk, haha, so needless to say, I didn't get to listen to much of the teaching. I was in and out for a little while, then my Mother-in-law took him for a little while so I could sit in and listen. But then I ended up just sitting out in the hall with him or walking around pushing him in the stroller. He was much happier when moving, so move we After the teaching everyone ate lunch in the classrooms, some brought their lunches and others purchased sandwiches or completos that they (the people hosting the event, from Santa Rosa) had made to sell. Anyways, I had a great time with Mariela and over lunch Carolina came and sat and chatted with us for a while..mostly to be closer to Levi as she tries to get in as much time with him as she can when we are together:)
After lunch all the ladies met out in the street (yes, almost 500 of them!!) and started walking to a gymnasium which was about 3 blocks away, where we would have a service for the afternoon, all together. It was a really great time, I really enjoyed the time I spent with the ladies from my church...I am truly starting to feel more "in family" with them and I think the feeling is mutual, which is very encouraging to me. The afternoon service was awesome...our the Deaconess of our denomination gave the sermon and it was very powerful, I know God used it to speak to my life and the life of many ladies there. We also had great times of prayer and worship! It was hard for me to concentrate at times because Baby guy is quite a demanding little dude, lol, he is teething lately and seems to be extra cranky. That and he ONLY falls asleep if he is nursing...literally, it is very difficult to get him to sleep any other way, like in the ring sling or the stroller etc. so that is at times difficult, but what can I do? I prayed for a baby that would nurse and that's what I got, LOL! No complaints here.

We ended up getting home around 8:15ish, as our bus left Concepcion at feet were killing me and I was definitely was Levi. But all in all it was a good day and I was thankful to God for the opportunity to have the day out with the ladies.

This morning we had Nelson and Marcela over at 11am for a time to talk and share with the two of went really well and we had some good conversation and prayer with them. For the last few weeks Jorge and I have been talking about how to go about helping out the married couple and families in our church. We know that many of them are having "family issues" in the home, and we constantly talk about the importance of family and God has given us our family as our first ministry, that the faith needs to start in our homes. So as of last week we begun having 'counseling' times with the married couples of our congregation. We have only met with a few but we are trying to meet with at least 2 couples a week, and will try to continue to have regular meetings with them, to support them and try to be of some help to them and their families. For them this is very different, they have told us that they never had such times like this before with any past pastors or leaders (which blows my mind seeing as how some of them have been attending the church for YEARS and have SO MANY deep open wounds in their marriages and families, and they have never been offered any type of counseling or help). Jorge and I feel that God really wants us to be a help to these families so that they can grow and mature, not only in the church, but in their homes, that they can learn to love and respect one another in their marriages and be the example that Christ calls us to be as parents also. Jorge has even asked the Married couples, from the pulpit, to please, sit together during the church I know, sounds weird for us, doesn't it?? But this church has gone through a lot of traditional teachings in the past and one of those teachings was that the men and women could not sit together during the church service. In the olden days it was men on one side of the church and women on the other. Nowadays it is not so extreme, but in our congregation the couples often sit in different pews, or at least with two or three spaces between them. Now Jorge has asked the elders to make the effort to sit next to their wives, so as to be an example for others, so we are hoping that this trend will, let's say, catch on, haha. But anyways, our goal is to hopefully plan a weekend retreat for married couples within the next few is something that is muchly needed for our congregation. the church service was absolutely beautiful! There were quite a lot of people today, a few new people attended too, which is always exciting to see. Jorge gave such a great sermon called "Everything or nothing" He spoke about how our walk with Christ and how Jesus demands everything or nothing of our lives. That if we say we are going to serve Christ and if we want him to truly change our lives, then when we are humbled before Him and say "Here I am LORD, take me", He says, "Ok, but I want it ALL...I want ALL of you, it's either everything or nothing". This was a strong word for our church congregation, and I would say there wasn't a dry eye in the house. The past few weeks we have seen how God has used Jorge to truly speak to our congregation, He has been speaking about our foundations in Him. A few weeks ago Jorge spoke about "Growing down". He used the analogy of a bamboo tree and how it takes a few years for it's roots to grow underground, until it is solid and firm, and once it has done that, then it begins to grow up, physically. This is what we, as Christians must do also...we must work on our foundation, what do we believe? Why do we believe it? How is my relationship with God? Etc. After the sermon we had a time of worship, people were embracing each other and crying...God is really at work here, and for that, we are thankful.

Well, this was supposed to be a quick post but it turned out to be a novel..haha. Sorry if I bored you all, but as the kids haven't woken up I took advantage of the time that I had. I will write again soon, bye for now.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Five whole minutes, just for me!

That is probably all I have to write this blog post! I just got Levi to sleep, for the second time in the last half hour, and Josiah has been sleeping for about 45 minutes already, which means he should be waking up pretty soon. Whew, so here I go, attempting to take advantage of the few minutes to myself that I may have...and may I add, the first few minutes that I have had to myself probably all week, haha.

Sigh. Life with two boys has really got me running lately, I think it must just be the stages that they are both at, at least, that is what I am hoping :) With trying to potty train Josiah and with Levi who has decided to actually be attached to me wherever I go and in whatever I do, I have found myself having no privacy at all...and that is even including my bathroom time! The other day I actually shut the bathroom door tight when I went in, so as to just have a moment to myself, LOL, (can't believe I am actually writing about my going to the bathroom, I guess as we have spent so much time in there the last few weeks I feel that it is my second home, lol) but within seconds Josiah was banging on the door yelling "MUMMY! WACHA DOIN??" that followed by a few bangs on the door which then startled Levi (who I had just put down sleeping in his crib) so then he started to cry, which then made Josiah start to cry, saying "no Baby guy, no cry! Mummy, Baby guy cry!" ..and there I was, just trying to have a moment to pee by myself, how silly of me. *sigh* I must admit, it made me smirk...I guess I am just at this stage in my life where privacy has flown completely out the window, so on with life I must go.

This past weekend I decided to try and do something new with Josiah, as he has been pretty bored being cooped up here in the house with me and Baby guy, and I made him some play dough. I thought that I needed some different things that I didn't have in order to make it, but then I found a recipe online that was really simple, just flour salt and warm water..sweet. I made it and was pretty impressed with how simple it was to make, should have done it sooner. I used some beet juice that I had to colour it, but it didn't work all that good, it made it more sticky, which was not a good idea...but in the end Josiah had a blast playing with it all afternoon. We must have made at least 12 planes and 10 "owies" (for those of you who forgot, "owie" is the tiny gecko Josiah and I found a few months back, he still remembers him and asks me often about owie and his mummy, LOL). Anyways, The next day, Sunday, I tried my first attempt at make Cinnamon buns! I had been craving them all week and couldn't wait any longer to give them a try. I really wanted to make the ones from a recipe that Shelagh gave me on FB but it had vanilla pudding mix in it, which I didn't have, and I wasn't sure if I could substitute it with something and still have them taste good, so I decided to go with another recipe that I found online. Well let me tell you, they may not have been cinnabon cinnamon buns, but they were pretty good, if I do say so myself. Granted, I didn't have as must yeast as I needed so they didn't come out too big and fluffy, but they were decent, and for someone who hasn't eaten one in I don't know how many months.. they were amazing, LOL. I took a picture of them to put on my blog here but now for some strange reason I cannot upload it, so I may have to try again later. I have been typing for almost 15 minutes now and neither of the boys have woken up, so I'm jut gonna keep going and not waist any of this precious time that I have, haha.

Nevermind, there goes Levi..guess this will have to wait until later..bye for now!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Life with the boys....

Well I know it has been a long time since I last blogged...I have tried many times to sit down and type, but when I do something always seems to "come up", and I am not able to even begin typing. Sometimes I think it is a conspiracy, the boys can be relaxing, watching a movie and/or playing, being as good as gold... but as soon as they here me start to type, they act up or wake up or scream or something, anything to stop me from doing what I would actually like to do, lol. I remember Tanya once said that her kids did that when she would talk on the phone, they would be all calm and not doing anything and then as soon as she gets on the phone they start to cry or fight...Josiah now does the exact same thing! It's frustrating at times, but I guess they may see these things (computers and telephones) as something that takes your attention off of them, so maybe that is why they do it, who knows. Anyway, now I'm just rambling...

Today it is just me and the boys again. Jorge left yesterday morning at 5 am to drive Nelson, a young guy from our church to Pichilemu, as he is going to do his DTS there in YWAM. I was a little jealous, I have to admit, because I really wanted to go and see some of our old friends there, but with the two boys we couldn't all fit in the I opted to stay home with the boys. It isn't as easy now either, for us to just pick up and go with the kids..Josiah doesn't enjoy long car rides much anymore and with the baby we have to stop ever little while for feedings, so it makes the trip a lot longer. We are hoping to go to Pichilemu though, in the last week of October as Lauren Cunningham is coming for YWAM's 50 anniversary here in Chile, so I am excited about that.

I was a little nervous about staying home by myself with the two boys overnight, so Digna came and stayed over last night, which was really nice of her. I felt kind of silly, but people have told us that there are people "watching" the house at times, and it appears that they may be planning once again to break in, whenever they get a chance, so I felt a little vulnerable staying here by myself. Unfortunately, this house is so big that it really calls the attention of the people here, especially because there is a "gringa" living in it, lol, which to them automatically means 'money'. lol if only they knew. Anyways, I felt a lot better having Digna here with me, we watched a movie and ate some chocolate before going to bed, lol, what could be better?? haha. I am feeling a lot more comfortable with her now, not just as a worker, but as a friend...and she is so great with Josiah and Levi, so I feel very blessed to have her here with us.

I talked to Jorge this morning and looks like they (he went with two other guys from the church too) will be back late this afternoon...they probably havent even left yet, and it is a six hour drive, so I'm guessing they will be home around 6ish or so. I don't have much planned out for the day...maybe I will take the boys out for a walk this afternoon as the sun is shining again today :)

Well I would love to keep writing, but I have a feeling something is going to suddenly come up, Levi is sleeping and will most likely wake up in the next few minutes or so. And Josiah is watching a movie but I need to try and lure him into the bathroom before he goes #2 in his pants....we are not having much luck with that yet. lol. But that is a whole other blog post for another day, ahhaha. Either way, I am back to blogging, I will do it when I can, I have a lot of things that I think about and always long to write them out on here, but I lack the time to do so. I guess this stage of my life is just going to be that least until our kids are older and I have more time for such things. But until then, I will blog when I can :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sick as a dog...

and NOT having the time of my life. My back has been a mess ever since Wednesday night...when I woke up at 1:30 in the morning with the worst back spasm I have ever had in my whole life. I was completely freaking out, pacing back and forth, hyperventilating, because I had NEVER ever experienced such excruciating pain. Jorge, of course, got up with me and was attempting to calm me down, which I eventually did, and my muscles were able to relax a little bit. We were very close to going into the emergency here in Yumbel, because the pain seemed out of control, but in the end Jorge gave me half of a muscle relaxant that he had and I layed down with a hot waterbottle on my back, and then eventually, cried myself to sleep...what a mess.

The next day we got up and drove into Concepcion, where we dropped Josiah off with Jorge's Mother, and then went to a doctor. He gave me some pills, one to take at night and one during the day, and said they are okay for me to take and are nursing safe. Basically he just said that my problem is my upper back muscles, carrying the baby too much and not having good posture...and I will need to strengthen my back muscles over the next few months so as to not have more of these same issues.

Well, I started taking these pills, but I am really starting to regret it and wonder if I should continue. I took one Thursday during the day and then Thursday at night before bed...and then Friday morning the fun began. I spent basically ALL of Friday in the bathroom...I was throwing up everything that I would try to eat..couldn't even keep water down, and then to make things even better I had the runs and man...and with the strength that I was having to use to vomit, my back muscles were tightening up more and the point that it hurt, literally all day, to breath! I thought maybe I just got a bug or something while we were in Conce the day before, but then last night Jorge looked at the small print on the pills where it says "side affects"..."could produce vomiting..." Riiiigggghhhhht. I decided I would try to keep taking them for another day or two to see if things got better...but they havent improved that much. Today I havent thrown up and felt ok in the morning...but in the afternoon the pain came back strong, bringing me to tears once again...and I have been nauseous all evening. That AND my insides are all aching terribly!! I had this same pain yesterday, but I thought it was due to so much vomiting...but today has been no exception.

Anyways, I do ask for your prayers. I feel bad that this post has been just me complaining...but I really can't speak about anything positive, feeling the way I do. ok, one positive thing is Josiah...he has been such a sweetie, he knows that I am in a lot of pain and keeps coming up and hugging me saying "oohhh Mummy, a owie in the back?" lol. He is my little treasure, oh how I love him. This morning he walked into the kitchen all hunched over and says "Mummy, I a owie in my back", haha. Any time I am laying in bed or sitting with pillows behind my back he comes and sits beside me and pretends that he is experiencing the same pain that I some ways, it makes me feel a bit better because it takes my mind off of the pain. Anyways, I ask for your prayers...this pain is really awful and am worried that it may never go away...but I know my Healer can do miracles, and I am praying for one right now.

Will write again soon.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Attempt #3

Well we will give this another shot and see how it goes. I have both boys sleeping right now, but Josiah has been sleeping for almost an hour already and Levi is not settling very well today and seems to be waking up every couple of minutes..but he appears to be in a deep sleep now, so I will do my best to write a little bit about how things have been going.

Honestly, these past few weeks have been so busy for us that it is hard for me to point out the certain things that we did do and didn't do. I had a great most of you saw on facebook. The ladies from the church prepared a nice supper for us here in my house and then on Sunday (my actual birthday) Jorge and I and the boys went out to a little restaurant in Yumbel for lunch. We had a really nice time and Josiah was excellent! This was a big surprise for both Jorge and I because for the last few months we have avoided taking him out to a restaurant because he would behave so badly and never eat the food we bought him. But this time he did the complete opposite, he was a little angel and ate almost a whole plate of food that we bought him, french fries and hot dogs...a meal fit for a king, haha. Anyways, then when we went to church they called me up to the front and brought a cake up to me and sang happy birthday, it was really sweet :)

On Monday we all went into Concepcion for the day and stopped in Cabrero to pick up our new Canadian friend, Esther for a day of shopping. Esther is going to get married to a Chilean who lives in Cabrero, his name is Alvaro, and his Mother is the teacher of a girl in our church, we kind of got hooked up through her. Esther and Alvaro met in October of last year, when she came down here with a group of missionaries for a few weeks and they spent one weekend in Alvaro's parents church (his parents are the pastors of the Assembly of God church in Cabrero). After only seeing each other a few times she had to leave with her team and they exchanged emails and said they would keep in touch...and then they fell in love through skype and got engaged:) haha. He ended up going to Canada in February for three weeks to meet her family and now she came here to Chile for the month of July and stayed with his family and got to know them a little more also, and they will be getting married in Canada in January of next year. So it was cool for us to hook up...we actually became very good friends and I am excited for when she comes back to live here! We have a lot of things in common, both Christians from Christian, homeschooling families, both married to chileans, both enjoy scrapbooking haha. Esther LOVES scrapbooking and says in their new home that they have purchased in Concepcion, they have an extra room and she will make that her scrapbooking room and bring materials from Canada, YAY! I miss doing stuff like that with my Mum...even though I am not always good at focusing and actually DOING it, haha, but it is the relaxing time of just sitting and listening to a sermon or to music while cutting things out etc. So I am looking forward to her return. ANYWAYS, as I was saying, we went shopping for the day and she helped me pick out some new shoes and a couple of sweaters. This whole time here I had been still using my summer slim Merrel shoes and my feet were freezing .... so for my birthday gifts from Jorge's Dad and Jorge I got some shoes and a couple of sweaters. Esther and I had such a great time just walking around and window shopping...she was looking for things that they have here so she can know the things that you can and can't get here, so as to know what to bring from Canada when she comes. She is a great person to talk to and we had a lot of good conversations..I think she realized that I have really been longing to have someone to converse with in English, so I really took this time as a gift from God.

These past few weeks have been hard for me as I have really been homesick a lot. I cannot lie and say that everything has been happy and great when on the inside I have been struggling day in and day out. It was one thing being so far away from my family when it was the three of us, with Jorge and Josiah...but now with Levi growing and doing so many new things and Josiah growing also...I find myself just craving to be in the midst of my family, sharing these moments that will only happen once in their lifetimes. I have cried so much....many times during the day I will be doing something with Levi, taking pics of something he is doing and I come to the computer to see if anyone from my family is online...but no luck. That usually brings me to bursting into tears on the spot..and secretly praying, "LORD, please take me back to be closer to my family, please..." I don't know if that is the correct thing to be praying..I have struggled with it in my heart, because I do know that God told us to come here and trust Him, but there is a part of me that is just really struggling with the reality of that right now. But it comes and goes, I am still trying to enjoy every moment that I have with my boys and with Jorge, because I know that God is with us and that His will is exactly where we want to be. So if I must sacrifice being close to my family, I guess I must learn to do so with a thankful heart. But it is hard.

Anyways, back to things going on with us ....The construction in the church is now finished and the brothers that were working on it from Chillan left on Thursday, so we are thankful to have that we just have to pay for it *cringes*, but we are trusting that the LORD will bring that money in when we need it, so hopefully very soon! lol.

With the construction workers gone things are getting a bit back to normal around here. While they were here they were coming here for both lunch and afternoon tea, so we had Digna coming everyday to help me prepare lunch for them all...well, I say help, but the truth is, most days she just prepared everything, which was soo helpful! I am very thankful to have her working here with us. So now next week she will most likely go back to coming here two or three times per week. It still feels strange to me to have someone in the house, helping me clean, but it has been such a blessing, as I dont have time every day to clean the house thoroughly and prepare lunch and take care of both Josiah and Levi, so having her around allows me to at least focus mostly on the boys and not have to worry much about the housework and laundry etc.

Well Josiah is awake and I have him sitting on my lap, stroking my hair and begining to push it in front of my eyes so that I cannot see to keep typing, so I guess I should take that as a hint that he wants my attention and I should give it to him. Levi is beginning to stir it looks like my moments of peace and solitude have officially come to an end. That's ok, at least I got to blog...mission accomplished.